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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2004 at 3:33pm
Current mood: hopeful
Music: Fantasia* Got Me Waitin --> It's All Good

I got the Fantasia CD!!! Go cop it! It's good!!

"tears came to my eyes, but im not gonna cry, everything that u eva said turned out to be all lies, but it's all good"
I understand the meaning of don't get mad, get even I'm gonna get you, I'm not your fuckin hoe :)
*although what's soon to come mite be thought of hoeish

Oh yea..before I forget
JVTownship vs Holy Cross- ?? BUT WE WON 50 suttin to 20/30 suttin 3-0
VarsityTownship vs Holy Cross- 64-49!! 3-0 baby!

Yea the bus ride was home "let me get on the phone! bitch he don't like you! he don't want you!"

I cant even eat a lollipop anymore cuz all the guys were giving me stupid head jokes. "don't choke on it" "ohhh's gooooodd" crap like that. My rite tit got hit by Todd so we hadta fight.


School's finally out! But they had practice from 12-2 but I got to sleep a lot. It was just me & Staci. When I got home since it frickin rained lol I had to flat iron my hair best invention ever: the ceramic plated flat iron. And now it's all silky soft again...aww memories of me & G fighting lol.. I like him too :) .. I think haha.

I'm going to Deszy's for X-mas dinner on X-mas Eve! :) I get my present from Edmond there. damn..spilled my frosty
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