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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-24-2004 at 6:34pm
Current mood: energetic
Music: LUDA* The Poison

I GOT THE LUDACRIS CD!!! So for the past three weeks I have actually bought:
Destiny's Child
Nasir Jones

Hehe...woooo! And Edmond just called, they about to pick me up. Christmas at Deszy'sss...yayy!! Then Wildwood..Amir prolly gonna be there and they swear Ima play Twister..nah negga. I washed my hair, pressed it, flat ironed it went to Victoria's Secret and shoppin with Tina. I had fun today! Even tho as soon as I woke up La Bosh was bitchinnnn... Merry Christmas & Happy Eve of the Eve of Kwanzaa!

<3 Courtney
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12-25-04 2:59am

Wee.. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas


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Re:, 12-25-04 11:46pm

Oh I did! And I hope you did too


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