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xoxchubbyxox (profile) wrote,
on 12-27-2004 at 12:32am
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well christmas is over already. its liek you wait for it for a month anbd then it passes by like nothing. idk lol. i got lots of presents and was an awesome christams but it made me miss natick alot too. it feels so different from what i imagined back 5 months ago...its sad thinking about it, so i dont. ill never have what i had there, and what remain are only memories. i guess im better than i was when i first started out, and im glad for that. ive lost so many more friends and people than ive gained...and i dont know how to deal with that.

the few friendships i have held on to have faded so much with the distance. and the feelings i once had have been lost forever. but it was all inevitable, i knew it but i refused to accept it.

please comment.


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12-27-04 6:14pm

hi im on the phone with you rite now lol!!! your at the mall and im at home do od do dooooo.. im so bored and im so happy and tired.. i dont know why im happy tho becasue my parents are gay ass homos who need to pull the cocks out of their asses.. .well actually not so much my mom as my dad.. ya well thats all.. i love you and miss you ohhhhhh so much! bye babe!


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Re:, 12-27-04 11:05pm

lol i knew you were looking at my journal haha! its good to be happy..even if you're having a hard time at home. be positive lol! i love and miss you too! im going to bed tho because i am tired.


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12-31-04 11:21am


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