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derrangeddemon666 (profile) wrote,
on 12-28-2004 at 6:54am
well im living with steve, its depressing and annoying, at work at the moment speaking to sally last night, the only reason she phoned me is cos her boyfriend was at work and she was bored, how fucked up is that!! im in a place at the moment where it feels as if the entire world is trying to devour me and i need some who can be there for me to support me through this, someone who i care about that can take care of me and help me through this, sally said all she can be is a voice on the phone, i ask you what sort of friendship is it that you never see someone and they cant be there for you when you need them the most, she told me to either accept what she offers me or lose her completely, i cannot lose her completely as sometimes it feels like she is the only one that cares but im starting to think that not even she cares, on a brighter note ive arranged for a house already that i can move into in the new year, pattoe is going to be moving in with me, its just round the corner from frog, and jo n suave will be moving in down the road at about the same time as i move in there, i dont really fancy living near frog tho as i dont want to be drragged into his world again, steve is constantly pestering me to do some shopping, but electric on buy some weed, buy some lagers, FUCK OFF STEVE!!! I CANNOT AFFORD TO LIVE FOR THE NEXT MONTH LET ALONE BUY SHIT LIKE LAGERS N WEED FOR YOU, YOU STUPID LITTLE FUCK!!! at work at the moment as ive done a shift swap with old dave, regret it now tho but at least i will be off new years, what good itll do me i dont know as i arranged it when i was still with sally so i could spend it with her, now im gonna be stuck in steves all night on me own as he is going to a party in stockton. what fun
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12-28-04 11:07am

Would I even still be around if I didnt care?

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Re:, 12-28-04 12:29pm

if you cared you would make more of an effort to help

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caring, 04-29-05 7:51am

I car too much and want to be there for you. I can't for I live on the outher side of the world

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