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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2005 at 2:31pm
i can't hold it in.
i can't live here.

everynight i lay awake for at least an hour thinking of everyone and every place.

i laugh sometimes when i think of certain situations.
3 in the morning, and im laughing uncontrollably into my pillow.

i hate michigan, but i love you. (consider "you" to be you, the one reading this)

i can't be away.
i must stay until august, for this job...
then i think im moving back, but ill get my own place and what have you. i think thats a good idea, because im going fucking insane out here.

so, until we meet again..uh...bye i guess.

matthew james hinton.
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01-05-05 9:05am

i think you should stay longer, or you'll always have that "what if.." and that's one of the worst, nagging feelings to have.

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01-06-05 7:16pm


i know im going to live here.
but not now.

i must wait for the right moment.

so, eventually.

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