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SepiaFlamingo (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2005 at 2:24pm
Current mood: jubilant
Music: "Me and Bobby McGee" - Janis Joplin
Subject: How time's changed.
I can't even recall the last time I updated this thing. This site has changed drastically. I think I liked it better the old way...
Well, where to start?
My holidays were great. My family had a miracal and everyone behaved wonderfully. No fighting or storming out of the house. Even my mom stopped by to say merry christmas. School wise I can say I'm going beyond expectations. The only class I struggle in is Tech. Ed, darn those mouse trap cars. My life is great right now and I can't restrain from saying I found the most perfect person I've ever met. But the last thing I want to do is ramble on about how great this 6'2"-adult swim watching-sweedish fish loving-beatles adoring-long haired Latvian is to me, because other things must be addressed first. Me online is a rare thing and I apologize to everyone I haven't talked to recently. I wish I did get online more, but I just can't spare the time. Hopefully this entry will satisfy my absence.

Oh! I'm proud to say I finally kick started my scanner up and have a picture of myself to send to everyone. I've already sent it to Ashmo, but I wanted to wait until I talked to someone else before I did anymore sending.

I can't say much more without referring to things no one else would find relatively interesting, so I'll end this overdue entry with I miss everyone from my online 24/7 days, and right now I couldn't be any happier with my life.
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o_o, 01-11-05 11:19pm

That's a good Renee... ^_^

>_> In my French class... I picked the name Renee to be called upon as. I'm sorry for stealing it... but I fucking love that name.

~I, Kud.

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Re: o_o, 01-15-05 10:44pm

Oh, Kudd! It's been all too long since I've heard from you. How are you? As for your French, I'm honored that you chose my name.

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