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Twitchy (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2005 at 9:30pm
for some reason I'm oddly at peace with things

I feel all torn up inside, this way and that, just ... reverting back to my old state
but things have changed and I'll never get back there
a mixture of the darkness creeping into my skull, current factors in life and such things have left me oddly complacent if that makes any sense

still, sometimes I feel like running straight into a brick wall
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01-10-05 1:08am

i love you, mark.

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01-10-05 1:21am

I'm sorry that you apparently seem to be feeling down, Mark. *hugs*

(And I'm sorry that my AIM keeps being difficult.. but I suppose I'll see you at school, and we can also chat tomorrow ^^)

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01-11-05 1:07am

guess what?!


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01-27-05 7:51am

Well need to talk soon.... havent done that in a while....

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