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browniedmissj (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2005 at 9:20am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: TV
Subject: Good times
Well this weekend was great. I rarely write in my journal but this is a good time to do so. On friday i just stayed home and cleaned which was fine i guess because I got a lot done. Then on staurday i woke up early in the morning (5:30) to get my self ready to babysit at 6:30. But they came late. They being 3 kids,ages 5, 9 and 12. It was about 7:20 when the doorbell rang. Then they went downstairs played and watched tv. That lasted for eight hours with breaks in between for lunch, breakfast and snack. Then their parents came and picked them up and left me with another amount of almost nothing payment. lol But away from that. At about 7:45 me and dan went to go ice skating. I had never been b4 so of corse i was really scared. but mainly just to fall. And the whole time I had fun, I got to spend time with him, he's always very gentlemenly ( is that a word?) and I didn't fall. He payed for me to get in, he held my hand the whole time. It's just little stuff i guess. When it was time for us to go we waited outside and just walked around, untill we realized how damn cold it was, came to our senses and then came inside and waited. But then after that we went to his house so he could showed me how he redecorated his room and what not, and we just sat around for a while. Then i went home and that night was over. But it was sooo much fun. I really hadn't had that much fun in a while.Then on sunday I slept till after 11. For me that is a long time. But then i just spent some time by myself and talked, watched tv, cleaned a little bit more and did my nails (very relaxing). But then later that night besides a little drama, i went out to dans house. Which was more fun then yesterday. It was a spend time together type of night. We watched tv and movies and talked. He is always so sweet when he is around me but we can laugh and joke too. It's just a good mix of everything. And he makes me smile, all the time. I had soo much fun this weekend, my mind hasn't been on other more depressing things, as he knows and one other person. I've been upset this week and this weekend makes everything soo much better. But that was my weekend and school is tomorrow.........................................yay................................................................................... (-: Smiles :-)

Much love
Many kisses
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Me, 01-17-05 12:30pm

Well im glad that i got more depressin things off of your mind and i gave u a great weekend...but next time i'll give u a better time (u knwo wut i't wait to see you on tuesday

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Re: Me, 01-17-05 7:42pm

hey "me"..... i don't know what you mean..... ;-) j/k But neway i'll c then too.

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