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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 1-18-2005 at 2:40pm
Subject: Edgar
Yeah. I tragic thing happened. Edgar died.
3 hrs after returning from the animal hospital, pumped full of meds, getting the best care a girl can give him and capoot. He's gone. It's sad cause I've almost had him for 3 years now. He was just a pet yeah.. I know. And I'll get over it. But he was also a friend. Gosh. I'm gonna miss him.
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01-18-05 8:45pm

that's really sad. I have two and I have had them for 2 years they don't do much but fun to have.

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01-19-05 12:26pm

It doesn't matter that it was just a pet. I get sad just thinking about what could happen to my puppies. I'm sorry about Edgar. But he did have a good life. We should make a memorial of Edgar.

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