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biodomer (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2005 at 7:12pm
Current mood: curious
Subject: I'm new. so bear with me.
Seems okay. I'll give it a shot. but not half bad, i'll admit. glad i got an invite. really glad. actually it sounds so exclusive, i actually felt special for once. ^__^ happy inside. yeh, i'll update later when im more used to this stuff and have more familiartiy with the site.

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01-25-05 10:51am


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01-25-05 5:24pm

welcome welcome :) woohu is super elite hehe :)

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01-25-05 11:38pm

Welcome to woohu =]

Heh, Woohu is an awesome site =p

Have fun here =D

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01-30-05 10:50am

Found Ya! Enjoy your journal. Also feel free do anything you want to the colors n junk.

Theres a color listing for changing the numbers/letters.

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