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kandy (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2005 at 10:27pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: none *well other than the stuff in my head*
Subject: well
well now.. this is an odd twist in events. i guess my complaining that all he wants is sex, really got to him. He like won't even touch me now. I find that totally amusing. kissing still goes but no touching. all because he was like really really close to losing me and he flipped out about it. I believe he really cares alot and just needed something to show him how much he really cares about me and that its high time to show it. i was up front about everything. even about my conversations with another guy. he told me not to sugar coat things so i didn't. i think it really hit hard. but so far he's been great. but it's only been a day and i hardly get to see him at all tomorrow. but tonight he took me to see elektra just because i really wanted to see it. hmm. i know there was more.. but i can't remember what at the moment. oh yeah. he wants to help me sell my car so i can get at least what i still owe out of it and then he said he'd help me get the money or give me the money to get a different older car. lol. so then i'd only have to pay insurance instead of 410 a month that i can't make right now. so if you know anyone that wants a 2001 ford focus just let me know? ok??? well it's about bed time here... so see ya'll
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01-25-05 9:46am

where did you find that picture? i like it...

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01-25-05 2:56pm

I have a beater car, that I am trying to sell... lol

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01-25-05 3:01pm

how much do you have left to pay on it?

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