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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 1-24-2005 at 10:39pm
Current mood: horny
Music: tennis..serena and amelie gruntin

Yo..How many times a dude make u shiver over his vocabulary?!!! lol i love it!

bbTwan134 (10:02:58 PM): whats ur middle name
brownbabid0ll (10:03:26 PM): p******** nicholle
bbTwan134 (10:05:33 PM): thats an exotic concoction of splendid flavors
brownbabid0ll (10:05:43 PM): lol
brownbabid0ll (10:05:58 PM): yo..that was sexy, point blank


brownbabid0ll (10:15:24 PM): but urs is sexyyyy lol
brownbabid0ll (10:15:41 PM): antoine carrington wattt!!! lol sorri
bbTwan134 (10:15:44 PM): but urs liek rolls off the tongue erotically, makes my lips quiver when i utter it

brownbabid0ll (10:31:58 PM): okay remember no p********
bbTwan134 (10:32:38 PM): ooo just readin that sends shivers down my spine, like cold fingers carressin the skin

<3 ahhh!!!!! and.. im gonna do my friend M.. =D
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