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jbandkg (profile) wrote,
on 1-26-2005 at 7:15pm
Music: Senses Fail
Dominoes can suck it...that is all I have to say. I ask them if they are willing to help a employee go to a learn more about our government on a trip to washington. Dominoes can't do that "they" wouldn't make any money on it. Fucking corporations always thinking about theirselves. FUCK YOU DOMIONES I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP ANYWAYS. All I am sick of people saying they can help but really it's all about what they are getting in return. God I hate those people.
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01-26-05 10:13pm

I totally agree, giving is supposed to be better than receiving.


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Re:, 01-27-05 5:23pm

but most people don't think that way. I hate them for it.

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02-05-05 10:20pm

i hate those ppl too...

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