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biodomer (profile) wrote,
on 1-27-2005 at 5:35pm
Current mood: annoyed
Subject: oops.
i told my boyfriend i thought his ex was pretty. i shouldn't have done that. biiiiig oopsie. oh well, i'll get over it...right? i took a closer look at some of her other pics, and realized shes actually not all that great. that cheered me up. but still. i think he's going to think im weird for saying that.

arg! this chair is ultra uncomfortable. anyone want to contribute to the "new chair for Caitlin fund"? its very helpful. my sore rear-end will thank you much. ^__^

i want ramen. and when i eat ramen i want cake. is that weird? or is it just me??

i went to school today. surprise. lol. just kidding. (i refuse to say jk. that is way too bubbly for me, thank you very much.) but at school, i realized how pointless japanese two is, if you already can speak it well enough to handle yourself in public. (that and i can already speak fluent conversations with my teacher, who is full-japanese herself) so its a complete waste of time. come on now. how hard is it? not very. watashi wa nihongo o hanashimasu. see? i speak japanese. in fact, thats what i just said.

I went to the mall with my boyfriend, Brandon yesterday. Our mall here is wicked boring. nothing to do. AT ALL. blech. sucky-moto. ^__^ but we were so cute, walking down the mall strip, with our hands in each other's back pockets. ^__^

I watched the invader zim dvd again today. i love those little tacos. i love them good. ^__^ 0_o yep yep.

In case of fire, scream and run frantically.

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01-27-05 9:27pm

Hmm...Ramen sounds good, I'm going to go make some now.
Oh, and I have a hurty-buttox as well. Maybe it could be named: new chair for Caitlin and Lauren fund... Yeah, I like that. What do you think?

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wo0t, 01-28-05 11:39am

hurty-bottox chair funds, away!

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01-31-05 6:58pm

cake and ramen together forever.!

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