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xoxchubbyxox (profile) wrote,
on 1-28-2005 at 6:30pm
Current mood: awake
Music: over: lindsay lohan
Subject: none really
ii havent updated in a while i guess...but fromn the looks of it, i dont think anyone really noticed lol.

midterms were this quite glad that they r over...i also have gotten A's on every single one...i dont know where that came from. well...on to another semester...its gone by so fast and im still pretty unhappy. i guess things are getting better...maybe i just tell myself that to get through each day.

be thankful to have stayed in one place.

it would be nice to comment if you read this. please.
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hey, 01-29-05 2:11pm


I am soo stoked that finals are over. Geeze all A's. Not fair... i only got a B+. Wroblewski hates me.. its official. We should def go see a movie soon( like Hide and Seek or The Boogey and then go to bk or dangelos or sumthin. Oh yeah, on monday we have to give wroblewski the "in bed" after every statement she makes. Well I'll ttyl!

XO Michelle

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Re: hey, 01-29-05 2:53pm

yeah hide and seek looks good...i have no worries this weeken d cuz theres no homework and nothing to study for yay! :-D lol...its ok cuz i hate ms wrobleski...well ill see u on monday...or maybe tomorrow cuz im not busy! :) ttyl!

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