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biodomer (profile) wrote,
on 1-30-2005 at 9:12am
Current mood: excited
Music: Stairway to Heaven, Pink Floyd
Subject: I'M...SO....EXCITED...
Thank you, Valoth for the color chart. That's what I've been asking for for weeks. Saving that site to favorites, that I am.

I have a new webbie. If anyone cares... I finally got my chatroom up. And working. And that makes me very happy. So go!

yeh, its not great, but its something. I'm actually proud of my chatroom, isnt that sad? I know, I know. But go. I'm usually there. But in order to see the sign in list, you have to sign in yourself, first.

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01-30-05 3:24pm

I help where I can. :)

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