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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2005 at 4:42pm
Music: The Game and 50 Cent- How We Do
Hey! Yeah....pretty much in a bad mood.... I can not freakin stand this semester. Everything about this semester annoys me. I miss all of last semesters teachers....Even Dr. Roach who had major eye spasms :( But Yeah....all we do in 1st....2nd.....3rd...and omg....even vocab. Isn't that amazing? Like everyday my hand feels like its gonna fall off or sumthin. Neways....2day in 4th period Mrs.Shaw was going on and on about stuff no1 cares about....seriously....no1 thinks nething she says is funny....all u hear is fake laughing every now and then. Well she was tellin another gay story about Marshall and WVU....and how she wore MU clothes at WVU...isnt that hilarious?? she thought it was...blah...but yeah...Bobbi handed me a piece of paper that was asking if one of the answers on the group worksheet was false.....ummmm lets see its not like we were cheating because Mrs.Shaw was giving us all the answers...we thought we would be nice and not interupt her....but yeah ok she went off on me Shama n Bobbi. She was screamin that she was born at night but not last night...ok c'mon how old is that...and she was like i may be blonde but im not blind or sumthin....she said we were talking about her....ummm yeah i believe we all have better things to talk about than her....i mean really. Oh...and shama like took a big breath...and she was like omg just keep holdin ur breath...yeah i guess she wants Shama to keep holdin her breath and die or sumthin....I'M SO THRILLED THAT I HAVE HER 1ST AND 4TH PERIOD! Life's so amazing...oh it isn't....Ok i'ma go now...just thought i'd share my really bad mood with u!!! bye bye!!

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02-03-05 11:38pm

I suggest some down time before returning to public again, your behavior is extremely frightening.

WV Bipolar Society

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Re:, 02-04-05 12:18am

I hate her!

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Re: Re:, 02-04-05 11:45am

Jenn! I'm so proud of updated your journal. Way to go! <3 4th period was umm..err... interesting yesterday.

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Re: Re: Re:, 02-04-05 11:48am

Omg that Mrs. Shaw...growl! (Haha said something!!)

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