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cowsgomoo!!! (profile) wrote,
on 2-3-2005 at 10:52pm
okay, well not much going on. huge ass term paper in brit. lit. and reading and analyzing a novel in lit.

have a pretty easy project in history too

going to spring hill this weekend, wish me luck, im gonna try snowboarding. i actually plan on breaking something, but if i dont by some chance that would be great, so yeah, like i said, wish me luck.

well, thats about it

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02-04-05 12:08pm

Good Luck!!!

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02-04-05 12:49pm

Have Fun

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Hey, it's Amy!, 02-07-05 9:52pm

Gah! OMGoshness! I didn't know you had a woohu journal!! All this time, and I didn't know! Ha!
Yeah, SpringHill was definitely a blast, wasn't it!? I had so much fun, it was ultimately a life changing experience. I'm so glad we got to see eachother a little, but I'm bummed we didn't hang out that much! I was going to chat with ya on the bus, but as you could probably see, I was mega tired! I slept the whole way home! Well, I guess I'll ttyl, I'm gonna add you to my friends list!
<3 Amy Lynn

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