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sparkythefool (profile) wrote,
on 2-5-2005 at 11:40pm
Music: "Let Down" +Radiohead+
So according to the books, tonight was spent out to dinner and at the movies with Jennifer Le. How dull.

Off the books, however..different story! She really wanted to go down to the UCLA medical center to visit Kelli there, but she didn't have a ride. I had nothing to do, so I offered to take her. I still can't drive people legally (and won't be able to for another four months), so we came up with the "dinner and movie" plan. That, we figured, would buy us four hours or so..plenty of time to go to UCLA and back and do things in between. You may think I'm foreshadowing something here, but really, I'm not.

So I picked her up and she made me stop at the new Walmart (die) to buy underwear (what?). Random, I know. But it's Asian, what do you expect? After Walmart we hit the freeway and started our journey. Amazingly, traffic wasn't bad until about three miles before Wilshire, where we were exiting. I learned that I really need to get my glasses before I drive at night again, especially on the freeway in the carpool lane with the wall two feet away. Not good. Anyhow.

We got to the UCLA area and started looking for parking. The only free parking we could find was at a Ralphs and Best Buy parking lot, and it was only free if you bought something at one of the stores. Fine, okay. So I bought Cheez-Its and French bread..awesome. So relevant, I know. Continuing.

After walking around the parking lot looking for an exit, we finally found one and went over to the hospital. It was the most confusing place ever, especially since apparently we went in the wrong door or something like that. So after wandering around like idiots for a bit, we found Kelli's room and sat and visited for a while. She doesn't look too bad, just a bit pale. Hopefully she'll be alright.

While in Kelli's room, Jennifer's brother called and said he was in the area; did we want to go get food with him and his girlfriend? Sure, why not. First we went and got boba (very good, I recommend it to everyone but only if you like tapioca balls) and then we walked over to this random burrito place. Let me tell you, that's the best burrito I've ever had..three bucks for a foot long burrito! That's a steal. And it wasn't like it was a crappy burrito, oh no. While eating we saw this homeless guy digging through the trash cans and pulling out food, so we gave him some leftovers. I've still got six inches of my burrito left though..there's breakfast. Yum.

By the time we finished all that, it was 9:45 or so, so we left. I got us back in boring old SCV real quick (I'm a good driver, really, I just have a tendency to speed a bit..nothing wrong with that) and dropped Jennifer off, then went home. Excellent.

The only thing bad about tonight is that I wasted a lot of gas and then forgot to get more on the way home. Oh well. Hopefully they won't notice..heh. Yeah, so, random adventures are the only fun things left to do here. All of you need to go with me on one, really. It's exciting. The end.
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02-07-05 9:17am

Nancy, you aren't a good driver if you almost crash into walls because you couldn't see at night. You can't separate your eyes from the rest of you, and just blame it on the fact that you didn't have glasses.

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Re:, 02-07-05 9:34am

I didn't almost crash into the walls. They were still a good two feet's called emphasis, it makes for better stories. And I'm getting my glasses tomorrow (at least I better..damn doctor) so all is well.

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