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cowsgomoo!!! (profile) wrote,
on 2-8-2005 at 3:19pm
Current mood: tired
Music: thin lizzy "jailbreak"
okay, well this weekend at spring hill has been one of the most amazing experiences ever. the band was amazing....not at all like i thought. i thought they would be some "churchy" band, but they werent. they sang about God, but they were rockin. it was awesome. and the speaker was amazing.

i got to hang out with people i usually dont, which was the BEST part.

well other than that everything's been the same. still working on my gay english, but oh well.

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02-08-05 5:00pm

Aww, I liked hanging out with you too, Rob! And the best part was that you did mind me sleepin on the way home! *MUAH!*

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Re:, 02-08-05 5:01pm

EDIT: Didn't mind! Wow...*hits self in head

Needless to say, I'm still tired.

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02-09-05 8:51pm

of course i didnt mind!!! ;)

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02-15-05 10:42pm

Church music is cool when they are rockin... I think it gets the message through more...

I hate english... Takes too much time...

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