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DiTzYjEnN (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2005 at 7:59pm
damnit, i miss you. i miss hanging out with you all the time and being so close to you. whenever i hear ppl say they hung out with you or they are going to your house, i get so jelous. i saw a few pictures someone took of me and you last year. for some reason you still can take my breath away. all these stupid ppl you just met this year think your such an awesome guy. but they have no idea what your really like. no one has any idea how bad you use ppl or how hard you can make someone laugh and cry at the same time. maybe it's becasue you only act that way towards me. im the only one who knows how we are and i hate that. no one knows about anything we have been through.


im glad i can say im free of your shit. but in the back of my head, i still miss it. im also glad i can say im deff. over you, its just i hate that were not even half as close to being as good of friends as we were.
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