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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 2-21-2005 at 10:08am
Current mood: fine
Boy does writing in this thing feel weird.... I've heard Brook has been calling people saying he's in Tulsa.. good for him. As for me, I get no call from him and I'm not really sure if I want one.
I have fishies now, not doing the best job of taking care of them but 2 are still alive and Javier loves animals so he knows about fishies.
As for me and Jaiver...things have taken a different turn. We are now together... he hasn't asked me out yet but.. last night he told me, as his voice was cracking because of his tears, "Buda...... I'm sorry...... ........ ... .. but I love you... " I love him to but I just don't know which way yet... He always dedicates that Mario song "let me love you" and I asked him how he'd love me and he says he's still trying to figure that out.
We've had unpretected sex a couple of times (I know I don't learn) and I'm comming off my period so that is good, no baby. And I've found out. that Jaiver is WAY WAY MORE expericenced in that catagory than I... he's had 4 partners and he gave me their name, age, and how many times he's done it with them.... then he cried afterward because I said I just didn't want to be like them other girls... he did it when he was 13 and a half years old.. damn! You guys are fucked up. And he's always had an older girl.
He's changed.. he'll do anything for me. I"m having troble at work now.. did I say I got a bank account now? Had $400 in there but I'm sure I have none now... No car for me.. and mom can't help me out with her taxes because she doesn't have a job now and workman's comp she ain't gonna have either.. I don't have time for her story.
Anyway.. Javier comes to my job and helps me clean up everynight now.. and he is over everynight and I cooked while his brother was over, Christian (him, Javier and my brother were playing Halo 2) and Christian loved my food so he is nicer to me now ^^',\ Javi was my Valentine and he was mine and... it's been fun... but I'm bored now with writing so toodles and I forgot tons already... my e-mail only had 11 e-mails in it, and I haven't been on for a month! lol damn I am so loved right? Since all those e-mails were just subscriptions. Ya'll need to check out

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You need to update.

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