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sportsgirl (profile) wrote,
on 3-1-2005 at 6:44pm
Current mood: bored
Music: Univited
Subject: nothing really
Nothing really new lately, other then the hair. UMMm.. lets see i never update on this thing anymore, which is sorta depressing becasue i actually bought this site, and my other xanga site i didnt pay anything for. Well lets see bowling is over now.. which is depressing. But meh, more time to hang with the friends! Whats up with you guys lately??
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03-01-05 7:54pm

liar!!!!!!!!! you did so not buy this!!! I so totally bought it for you dorkwad. lol

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03-03-05 9:51am

lol...... well, xanga is cool.....i update my xanga more than this too, so dont feel bad.
we need to hang out soon!!!

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