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izntlifesojuicy (profile) wrote,
on 3-10-2005 at 5:21pm
words cannot describe how i feel right now

yesterday.. my world came crashing down

and i would write about it...

but im afraid i cant do that yet without crying

and with all the crying ive alrdy done

i dont want to do n e more.

funnie how i analyzed all the scenarios except this one...

the hurt is overwhelming

and i feel empty..

all of a sudden where i felt so strong

i now feel weak

whoever said sticks and stones can break my bones

but words will never hurt me

obviously never had the one they love

say something hurtful

out of all the fish in the sea

i seemed to have picked out the one

that stings the most

and as much as hes hurting rite now

i must be hurting 10 times worse

its never been like this before

and maybe i screwed up

maybe this was one of the worst and stupidest things

ive ever done

maybe i read all the signs wrong

and took all the wrong turns

but i cant go back

and when i wake up


just maybe

it all be a dream

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