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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 3-18-2005 at 9:37pm
Current mood: high
Music: rammstein + eifersucht
Subject: So what if my tastes clash? That makes me cool, right?
Somebody has to make me STOP LISTENING TO THIS STUFF!!!!!

*can't stop*

It IS crack. It seriously is.


The irony however is that after school I went to Abercrombie & Fitch and bought stuff. As in Abercrombie, the preppy rich girl place with the clothes. And all the while I was asking Brooke why in the heck I'm so weird, especially considering I was humming, humming, HUMMING Reise, Reise. IN Abercrombie and Fitch.

Does anyone else see anything wrong with that? ufufufu :P

Speaking of Brooke, it was fun to spend a little time with her. I like to be silly with her, and I also like talking to her about stuff. Lately it's probably her of all my real-life friends I talk to the most and have serious discussions. When all is said and done and the teasing stops, she really understands. It makes me happy that she understands. And I think I've been wanting to get that load off my chest for a while now. Thank you, Brooke, for understanding :)


In other news, I'm kind of bored now. I really can't stay up late tonight since I have to get up at early o'clock to buy foodz for el partay before noon. Noooez, I want my late night! >XP Perhaps I'll draw wicked, wicked, WICKED Heinrich/Abby for Regan and call it good. Uhrhurhurhur ^___~


P.S.! Brooke, here's teh pudding dildo (three pictures on the top) in case you were curious. (OMFG DON'T CLICK IF THERE ARE EASILY OFFENDED/YOUNG CHILDREN AROUND!) I'm sorry for corrupting you, it was just REALLEH funneh. ^^;;;

P.P.S. I have to stop thinking Till Lindemann is kind of cute, pudding aside. DUDE HE'S LIKE, 42! *slits own throat*

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03-19-05 10:37am

Well, ELizabeth. Oddly, i am NOT disturbed by those pictures. In fact I think that's a really awesome, amusing idea...I mean, if you're totally a German Heaqvy Metal band who can get away with stuff like that.

I'm glad you could talk to me. It's just that I understand what'[s going on, so i feel particularly close to it. I really, really UNDERSTAND. It hits really close to home for me.

And joking around with you was SO much better than having to talk to icky boy for fifteen minutes. thank you so much for saving my life!!!!!!

Rockstars are all their own way. Even if some of them are really ugly...THEY'RE COOL!!!

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Re:, 03-20-05 8:10pm

It is totally amusing (and disturbing!) Although I read somewhere they spent a night in jail in Massachusetts because of it. PFFT, THAT WAS SHEER ART! Not even the leeeeeeast bit obscene ;P

I'm glad we could talk too. And avoid icky boy. I sort of pity him though. (but not enough to hang out with him, don't worry.) Oh, I should tell you that I myself finally got to talk to you know who. So the burden is lifted for us both :x

ROCKSTARS ARE TOTALLY HOT! Even if the guy is old enough to be my father.. icky. That doesn't mean I can't comment on his hotness, right..? I'M JUST MAKING AN OBSERVATION, HONEST! ^^;;;

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Re: Re:, 03-20-05 8:21pm

Oh, I'm glad you got to talk to I know who. All went well, I hope?

You are The Cool, Elizabeth, The Cool.

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Re: Re: Re:, 03-20-05 8:45pm

It went just fine. You can imagine it'll take him a while, but I know he'll be okay... of course I'll still be his friend! ^^

Yay, you're the Cool too! ^____^

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Re: Re: Re: Re:, 03-20-05 9:13pm

Poor guy...He'll be okay though--like you said.

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