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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 3-21-2005 at 4:46pm
Music: My new Band-- White Picket Fence.
Subject: We rock hard.
you only wanted me for the simple reason
oh that one simple reason
that i had my pajama pants on
and i fell for it too
i look just as bad as you
standing in the doorway of my room

you never cease to amaze me
all these things you say
i fall
i fall for it every fucking time
and i blame myself
for letting you use me
and do the things you do
and me being so gad damn gullable

im done.

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03-21-05 6:15pm

did u write that?
i love you1 if its a boy ill kick his ass. but im scared of girls. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
*runs from my self*
girls have coodies!
*goes crazy*

*punches self*


*comes back to life*

*kills all self*
*dies again*


ok .

* comes back to life *

*takes a nap*

i love you.

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Re:, 03-22-05 8:30am

yes i did make that. =)

heck yess im scared of girls too.
and yes its about a boy =[


*runs away from my mirror*

*wishes you wouldnt kill yourself*

*no stop*

*if you kill yourself.. i'd kill myself*

*so that means you'd murder me !*

*hah. now you wont kill yourself anymore*

i love you so much more


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Re: Re:, 03-22-05 1:19pm

i <3 u!

im going to a camp until friday. then i have to go to maui. sorry.




*booh hoo!*

*misses woohu and you already*


*dries eyes*

*gives you a big internet hug*


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Re: Re: Re:, 03-23-05 8:44am

such a funny kid you are.
im gunna miss you alot
*dosent stop*
*cant stop*
my eyes burn.

my eyes burn from these years you'd think i'd learn over these years good things dont... last forever so what the hell am i supposed to do ? you only wanted the things i couldnt give to you. and you had it all anyway.

sorry that song reminded me of that.


i love and miss you already.

later on

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