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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2005 at 7:38am
Current mood: chipper
Music: country shit in my class.
Subject: some kid sitting next to me... is ANNOYING as fuck... i thnk i made him cry lol.
i talked to chris yesterday on the phone =) then i caled jon and talked to him. i really like him oh my god. even though all that shit about him having sex with 50 girls. its true i know. but; i dont know. my dads hates him. =\ its gunna be so hard to hang out with him. =\ but i'll find a way. And chris.. oh chris. Hes fucking awesome. =) if you read this I LOVE YOU ! anyone know how to post pictures in this beast ?
go to my other journal
if you have live journal. cmnt. and i'll add you.
if your a preppy little bitch...dont bother commenting.

Later on

Donít hold your breath because youíll only make things worse
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03-22-05 2:46pm

i know how!!!!!!!



i love the used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: )


later on.

thats funnie


later on man!

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Re:, 03-23-05 8:25am


*whoa dude*

*teach me teach me bish*

*show me the way*


later on

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