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stroker (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2005 at :00pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Songs of the Islands
Subject: Sea Shells
Hay everybody!

So far today has been good. My Doc called me this morning and told me some good news. My brain aint bad, it's just missfireing. Like a spark plug. Something about sparks and bad receptors. He told me it was from my car crash a few years ago. I got some pills and I hope they work. If they don't work I will need an OP and that would suck. But for now I'm fine. (HAPPY PILLS!)

In other news things are good. All my stuff I orderd online has been comeing, it's like X-Mass every day. I got my new Hachetman Jersey, my movie came in, and I got my new sexy boxers. All I need now is my tickets for the gathering and my vinal window stickers.

Well thats about all I gots to sat, so PEACE OUT!
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03-22-05 8:49pm

i hope you dont have to get an OP

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03-22-05 9:04pm

If you do have to do that OP, I can seriously see me coming to visit you and ending up with me wearing the Kavorkian Scarf...

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This is Jess, 03-23-05 12:03am

Tom Tom I love you so much dude. Your such a great guy! And you make me feel better when i am blue.... :) you always manage to make sense of shit

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Re: This is Jess, 03-23-05 5:47am

I know Jess, I love you too. I do my best. Thank you.

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03-23-05 8:03am

Glad to hear that it's not a tumor or nothing... BTW, this might sound really dumb, but what's an OP?

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