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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 3-25-2005 at 3:10pm
Current mood: crappy
Music: Radio-Rain on your skin or some shit
Subject: General
Well, yesterday was pretty good. Actually yesterday was really good. was just tremendously downgraded from yesterday. Today was a dissapointment. Lauren was meant to be over today, that didnt happen. Her mum did say I could go over there, then added, he'll have to come down to the video store, and hurry 'cos we're leaving soon. Yeah right mum, I'll hurry the half hour it would have taken me to get down there *rolls eyes* My friend Matt was asleep so going out with him is a no. And then I had to walk here to get on the net where in no one is talking to me and its shit all of excitement.

However, on one upside, it was mine and Laurens four month yesterday, which is absolutley amazing. I was thinking it was going to be another one and a half month episodes but no....Hmmm I wonder if it shall last 8....that shall be mine and laurens longest relationship yet...I dont know if it will last that long...But Im hoping you know. somewhat downhill....I cant get half the books I need and I completely fucked my literature sac in the ass. It was terribly written, bad grammar, bad sentence structure, it didnt even have flow to it. It didnt address the required criteria....It was pathetic....One of the worst things Ive ever written. However, in my defence, I was feeling absolutley terrible that day, physically weak as hell.

Anyway, Im off to see if this day can get any worse. Take care.
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04-03-05 9:09pm

I added you to my friends list, and I was hoping you'd do the same.


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Same thing I've posted on fadedXtears.., 04-04-05 10:31pm

"In regards to the Torn Prince, he is an interesting person and definitely one worth knowing. The conflict wasn't set around you, though, but rather someone who had been stealing credit for his work (way before you ever commented on her site). So in all reality, this had nothing to do with you.. you just respawned it.

As for all of the comments he's received, it's his journal. His updates. His thoughts. His freedom. He's entitled to all of the above.

I know he reacted the way he did because you're not the first who's jumped right up and asked to be chocked into his barrel of friends, and think about it.. it'd get tiring. And it does.

Correct you are when you say he doesn't know you, but it goes both ways.

I'm defending a lifelong friend, and I suggest you try him on AIM or MSN - even if just for casual conversation."

Aggressive? Depressive? Come now, hypocrisy-mania.

Who are you to make such judgements, as I doubt you've spoken to him once? Looked at his work? Shared thoughts? Read more than 10 of his entries? Tell me, who?

Surely not someone who has the right and/or place to say such things.

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