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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 3-25-2005 at 7:07am
Subject: been thinkin alot today...
no not really
i just woke up.

no work today so thats bomb

these cool mornings are the best

when you are like shit its going to rain
then it doesn't and the sun comes out at like 2-3 o clock in the

whatever..i still miss my snow dammit

i really like ben folds 5


thats all i guess..sorry its all boring now.
(not that it wasn't boring before)
matthew james hinton.
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03-25-05 6:20pm

ben folds five? the evidence is really piling up

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03-26-05 6:36am

dude what the hell is wrong with ben folds five?

the postal service i can understand

but ben folds rocks hard.

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Re:, 03-26-05 7:58pm

there's nothing wrong with the postal service.

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