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lil_bill06 (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2005 at 3:03pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: rollin on the river
Subject: boys
Boys suck. They have no clue how a girls mind works. All guys think about it sex and alcohol. Why can't they appreciate what we girls do. I sure wish that Addison would. We're starting to work things out but not very well. I wish that things were better then they are. I wish that i could just run away. I wish that I understood what Addison thinks about. I wish I could understand the logic that Addison uses. I wish that Addison does the things he says he does. I wish that my life was perfect. I wish that I had everything I want. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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03-26-05 3:51pm

i'm sorry.....i know us guys are stupid.....ya can talk to me if you want to sometime....sorry if i dont talk back though you know how i am

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... coming from a boy ..., 03-27-05 11:07pm

it's true. boys are stupid. and they smell bad. but beyond that, i rather disagree with those blanket statements. the female mind is far more complex, out of necessity, but i really don't think that too many more generalities can be honestly stated. i've met girls who have thought like boys. and i've met boys who think like girls. and as far as "what we girls do" i cannot fathom what it is exactly that girls do exclusively that i should be so appreciative of. i mean, i do appreciate all the things my friends do for me, but that has no regard to their gender, sexual orientation, or propensity towards drinking.

i don't know. with addison in particular, i don't think he even knows how his mind works.

face it, i'm never gonna be able to learn how EVERYBODY'S mind works. (and i'm hard pressed to figure out my own mind sometimes.) i'm never gonna have everything i want. my life is never going to be perfect. and although i could run away, i know in my heart that it wouldn't solve any of my problems. so the most advisable thing for me to do is to learn to be happy with the things i do have. and make the most productive steps in the direction of remedying any of my life's problems that i can.

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03-28-05 4:16pm

katie i still think we should make out
that would solve a lot.....

no, but you should call me and we can talk.

love love love

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