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losttt (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2005 at 12:42am
gotta get this over with. gotta groove. but before my lips move, let it be known i feel serene calm clean
peace soldier alot of hate in me thats why im about to rip
so while reading this i hope you slip trip on your conscience. you might fight with your inner emotions and i hope you do. think back on things. reminisce. and now shut the fuck up and let me be pissed.

bryan katusak i looked at you;treated you. like my boy. and you got the nerve to fuck me like some toy. bitch. to be honest with you man i wanted to fuck you up beyond belief. never hold that in disbelief. but thats not like me to start violentry. too big to play that dumb little game. with you pussy i dont have too many words to share. but know this. im not starting any shit with getting this over getting this through. i shoulda done this along time ago but fuck off alright im goddamn slow. anyways man in the gist of all this im saying were cool man, past is past and i like to let things be, we used to be bros remember that. but dont ever fuck with me again. and in the end. its all peace man so have a good one.
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03-29-05 10:43pm

It's my fault too.

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