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firefromash (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2005 at 5:58pm
Music: takes my mind away from other things.
I'm at the YMCA and I didn't want to go. it's pissing me off. nothing good except lunch has happened today. and I'm taking it out on everyone else, doesn't that figure. I want to start own little hand-written journal..but not enough. I want to so I can take shit out on THAT instead of other people. I'm feeling depressed again. just want to die, but barely not bad enough..I just have to wait, like before and hope it passes..again. I won't be able to play drums today, and I couldn't yesterday either. I don't have a guitar... my dad keeps kicking me off of the computer in the middle of stuff, like, he does it, so Icant say good bye to dear friends, even if he makes me get off for a good reason, it's not fun.

I hear the morning chior, sing to me..their elegy

I can't express myself, no words will come.
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03-28-05 10:10pm

I kept my promise today. You have to keep yours... BITCH! Haha.. Seriously though. You need to. I have that conversation saved, and you told me that if you felt like it again you'd do it. I swear Toph, I will beat the living shit out of you if you dont.
I'm sorry I was acting all emotional today. I dont want to make you stress or freak out. I thought about stuff, and Its all good now.
So now you have to hold up your end of the deal. K?

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Re:, 03-29-05 12:01am

I will, wednesday morning. even though I feel better..a lot better since I wrote that.

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