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firefromash (profile) wrote,
on 3-30-2005 at 7:56pm
Current mood: sooper dooper happy
Music: AFI-Dancing Through Sunday
I called sophia after school sometime and talked to her for a bit, of us had to go I can't remember who. and I didn't talk very much at school. maybe saidl ike 20 words, except the conversation I had with nora..who is mad at me now...

in 5th period me and my group thingy went in the hall to work on a video presentation. we were interviewing "hitler" and then these two kids came over wondering why we were talking about hitler. after we said it was for a project and we had made fun of hitler a bit, we found out the kids were german foreign exchange students..whoops. lol...hmm..yep,t hat's all.
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03-30-05 11:56pm

Nora was mad at me too today.

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Re:, 03-31-05 12:23am

I was? who are you?

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