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simplywicked (profile) wrote,
on 3-30-2005 at 9:29pm
Ohh god, OWL was so sick when ann.. in class.. i can't even say... ughh..

buuuuut... MAMMOGRAMS SAVE LIVES!!!!!!!!! w00t w00t!

And omg... I dont have to go to school tomorrow!! Yes. Thats right. I. Am. The best. Ya know why.. CUZ I'M PROLLY GONNA SEE A) FORREST!!! (ohh my giddy dumplings!! HE IS GOD!) *drools* 2) RAMSEY!!! *mmm lip ring* or 3) SHANE!!! *pretty hair*

If i see all three.. Ima pee my pants. Hee hee hee.. Yeah.. me 'n' soph 'll have us a good ol' time! *wink*
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03-31-05 10:49am

PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it. Just like the "abortion" nora. DO IT.

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kellie, 03-31-05 6:46pm

darren is awesome.. forrest is... forrest...
and that story was disturbing...

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