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User:simplywicked (user# 24049)
Location: Spokane, United States
AOL IM:shpadoinklebunny [add buddy]
Bio:Hi! I always suck at theese so just go read my journal. THATS WHAT ITS THERE FOR!!
Friends:(9) aerii, chocolatemilk, firefromash, lovesolost511, poisonedheart, s-m-i-l-e, shalee, simplywicked, xk7x
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Interests:(43) the internet, acting, AFI, birthdays, blogging, boys, cable, candles, christmas, CONs, dancing, DDR, drama, duck duck goose, emo music, flowers, food, football, friends, Hula hooping, love, mint chocolate chip ice cream cake, movies, musicals, pantera, pictures, presents, reading, religion, shopping, singing, sugar, talking, Techno, the list goes on and on..., the simpsons, the sims, the white stripes, track, watching TV, writing, Xbox, Xbox live
Created:2004-12-14 22:50:52
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