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xoxchubbyxox (profile) wrote,
on 3-31-2005 at 2:49pm
Music: lil kim: sugar
Subject: wellll........
havent had internet connectivity in a while yeah. not much to say...

i might join cross country for next year..even though ill be the worst one there lol.

a comment would be nice :)
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03-31-05 6:49pm

hello!! i was just commenting! and saying hi.
<3 julie

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04-02-05 7:48am

yay! my internet has been broken too.. we're like twins! lol but i just got wireless into my room so im all set! im so excited! anyways.. i love you and i cant wait to see you.. 19 days till i get my liscence if i pass..


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Re:, 04-02-05 7:51am

oh you'll pass lol, u better!

love u!

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