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simplywicked (profile) wrote,
on 3-31-2005 at 4:41pm
He remembered me!! And.. held my hand.. haha kind of.. Ohh, lordy he is the most beautiful boy i have ever seen... Heehehehehee...

I'm SOOO uber glad i went.. even if that meant spending a day with... /sophie/... no just kidding..

We were anti social.. and it was fun. Dont do drugs and drive..


he writes disturbing stories though.. about antelopes..
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its anya, 03-31-05 9:07pm

wait no i think i know who it is now
does his name have to do with...trees and mushrooms and flowers and animals???????
SUSHI!i lurve sushi

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Re: its anya, 03-31-05 10:03pm

yes indeedy! if you look closely, you will see his name inbetween laughs.

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