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jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 4-1-2005 at 3:17pm
ты жираф?

ti giraf?
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Help, 04-03-05 9:53am

I'm an idiot. I can't do technical things with my journal. How do I put that picture up? Also, how do I get an icon and how do I make my journal look all pretty?

-Retard McStupington

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Re: Help, 04-03-05 10:18pm

For an icon, you have to have a 100x100 picture saved on your computer. To put it up on woohu, go to manage-->user icon. Do what it tells you.

As for formatting stuff, the very basics can be accomplished by playing with manage-->journal style.
For more than the basics, I can help you a little, but I'll probably end up referring you to angel_bob, our resident formatting genius.

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