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simplywicked (profile) wrote,
on 4-1-2005 at 3:48pm
Its stupid when people i thought i could trust spread rumors and ostracize my best friends. If you're reading this, you know who you are. Yeah, thats right. You.

You've been saying how horrible we are and what bad people we are for doing that. But i can remember you saying how much you wanted to.

And we arent the ones who say how much life sucks. You're the one constantly complaining about everything. Your life, your mom, your weight, your friends. And its because of that, that you dont have any.
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its anya, 04-01-05 6:58pm

i agree with that...and...i also think that you shouldn't be so concerned with us...we're big girls, we can handle ourselves...we don't like it, it's not gonna happen again...and please don't talk shit about my friends to makes me wonder...

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04-07-05 4:48pm

Just know that I'm not judging you Nora..

Remember that promise I made? I'm holding true to it.

Hope you're spring break has been fun.

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