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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2005 at 7:37am
Current mood: depressed
Music: taking back sunday.
Subject: its times like these when silence means everything and no one is to know about it.
spring break was sweet . im going out with robbie now . i think im gunna break up with him . . all he wants is sex and reefer . and thats not what i want . he lied to me . . he said he wanted a relation ship . did he think all the people at my bus stop wouldnt tell me all the things he says ? hah . they tell me every fucking thing . he lives by me . yeah so im going to find out one way or another . i found out this morning he made up something that i said . he told his brother andrew that he asked me if we could have sex with me . and i supposedly said "yeah in a couple weeks" ?! wtf ?! im totally not having sex with him . he was probably stoned ; as usual god . i freaking want an emo guy . godddddd . i can never find Mr. Right . i think hes dead . we'll never find eachother . EVER !!!!!! heres a picture. hope you guys like it . comment and tell me what i should do . thanks


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robbie .
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04-04-05 3:52pm

hes very cute but the last thing you need is another guy breaking your heart, dont let anyone in your life who is going to bring you down. if he's already lied to you and you havn't even been going out a week, think of how it could turn up. i dont want you to get hurt because you deserve nothing but the best.

i love you.

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Re:, 04-06-05 8:22am

aw. read my next journal entry cuhz everything has changed.

i love you so much and thanks for caring .

later <3

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