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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2005 at 2:18pm
Subject: fighting the battle of who could care less.
Dear Mom,
I'm sorry, but this is my private thing here. going to make only visable to my friends.
Just trust me ok, I'm going to make it someday, I promise you.
Matthew James Hinton


so, thats that.

if you aren't on my list and want to be then leave a comment or something, cause after this the vault is closed.
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05-30-05 12:42am

Matt, its Jay. Obviously. Add me. I'v been reading for awhile, just havnt been commenting.

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06-04-05 9:13pm


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06-16-05 1:24pm

Hey, i just found your journal and it was obviously an entry from a long time ago but you and your journal seem pretty cool, so i wondered if i could be allowed in?

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06-28-05 2:03pm

hey, whats new?

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