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simplywicked (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2005 at 6:58pm
Since mandy isnt writing about Con, I guess i will.

For those of you that dont know, Con is a giant Unitarian teen "conference" held bi-yearly. UU teens from all over the inland northwest and canada come together for one weekend and just.. bond. There are workshops and worships, but other than that its like a 3 day party. And let me tell you.. things can get a little crazy!

So.. On friday night, we drove up to the place where we catch the Ferry in Deep Cove Canada. We were booked for the 5 'o' clock ferry to camp Jubilee and so we sat there for like an hour and a half or something and finally left and got to camp around 7.

We made nametags and found a cabin. OOH... the cabin!

Alright. So we had agreed to stay in the loud cabins which were 7, 8, 9, and 10, and i was like lets stay in 9 (9 is usually a good number for me) so we walked in and there are people making out in the bed in the corner, and we're like "umm ok?", thinking that once they noticed us they'd stop (not like i have a prob with people making out.. it was just akward) buuut they didnt.. So we sat around for a bit and then left, hoping to meet people. So we cabin hopped for a while. As sophie said, we were the wandering nomads of con, looking for both a new cabin and for new friends. We didnt really find either though. Instead we layed sround in other peoples cabins and.. watched them.. not talk to us... Yeah, we're cool. So, fast forwarding to when every one else was at worship.. We stumbled across Foredhum hall.. Which was like a big house thing.. or a mini lodge.
Any who.. there were some Canadians in there playing cards and we gladly joined them, since everyone else was at worship. So... yeah. Foredhum pretty much became our cabin for the next 2 days. After worship a TON of people piled in to play a massive game of Spin the Bottle upstairs in the loft. We, however, declined to join them, and instead hung out with His Highness the Prince of Whales. We ran around and hung out 'til the wee hours of the morn when I fell asleep in the arms of the prince. It was sad really. I had been flirting with him.. but to be honest i wasn't very in to him.. at all.. Any way.. he woke me up sometime later by kissing me on the lips and i was like "WTF mate!" Cuz i was tired and had forgotten his name. But after realizing what was going on, I pulled some lame excuse about thinking Grace had liked him and ran into my sleeping bag. A while later (sometime around 4 I think) Seth and Issac trooped in and woke us up by informimg us of their game. The Stay awake game. They were trying to get us to stay up all con with them. So every time we were falling asleep they'd be like "Hey seth? What rhymes with Bean poler?" "STEAM ROLLER!!" and roll on top of us.. It was funny..

And that was just friday!!

Saturday was even better. But I'll just tell y'all bits and peices. We hung out in the morning and played cards, After lunh we went to a stupid Hair dying workshop. It was only stupid because by the time we got to the front of the line there wasnt any hair dye. We skipped worship and humg out with Pimp Matt the DJ and helped set up the Dance. Then there was the dance its self. About 100 people we crammed into our tiny little Foredhum Hall. The music was loud, the boys were hot, and the people were groovin. We made sophie get her freak on and i played with a glowstick for like 2 hours. It was AWESOME! Afterwords, we chilled with thomas and Matt and then fell asleep. Sunday was short.. we woke up, cleaned, did the goodbye worshihp and left. Then came the 8 hour car ride home. But we did make it.

All in all. Con was great, Maya was awesome, and i'm gonna be grounded in a few days. But it was alllll worth it!
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soph, 04-12-05 7:40pm

Thanks for doing the recap... i am /way/ to lazy to...


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