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blondie17 (profile) wrote,
on 4-13-2005 at 12:02am
im ninteen as of yesterday! gosh dont you love birthdays and realizing how important you are to people? love it! puts you back where you belong.
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04-13-05 12:16pm

happy b-day
i was going to stop by this morning and everything, but my mom got everyone up late, so my siblings missed the bus and i didn't have time to do so.
ill stop by sometime tomorrow though.

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04-13-05 4:01pm


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04-14-05 12:52pm

You suck! I wish I was 19. Lucky. Hmph. No but really, if I could I would take you out clubbing and we'd go get tattoos and everything and go to porno shops! You can already do that, but ya know. I have a ways to go. haha. I hope you had an excellent birthday though and I hope we hang out soon. I love ya! :-D

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