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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2005 at 6:55pm
Current mood: excited
Music: Next* Wifey
Subject: 4 MORE NITES!!!

Me, Taylor, & Javonne are going to Baltimore and we're gonna be livin it up in an -actual- four star hotel [hehe im not sposed 2 noe] mile away from The ESPN Zone..omg Im gonna cry..Ima go there rich, come back broke as hell! I went swimsuit shoppin..came out with two tops and no bottoms hehe. Oh mom let me show sum cleavage..Im very surprised. I want a fuckin tunic yo..and one of dem strappy dress jawns. Oh...uhm I'm wearing a white dress to prom, Im still surprisingly a virgin..and I still wish ppl wud chill wit me on myspace ::cough:: lol it aint yucky..haha that's all

Miss C.P.Nicholle
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