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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 4-19-2005 at 8:18am
Current mood: okay
Music: hawthorne heights.
Subject: spare me just 3 last words..
nothings been really happening lately. didnt do ANYTHING over the weekend. friday got in this huge fight with my dad in the car on the way home from work at 11:30 at night ! walk in the house screming at him and go in my room. mom comes in and says "you have a friend on the couch" and i was like "nu uh" and i was like "who?" and shes like "its hector" my dad came in my room screaming at me while hector was out on the couch. and i forgot he was there and started screaming back at my dad. 2 more hours down the drain. still screaming with my dad. tears were streaming down my face. i couldnt hold them in any longer and just exploded and started screaming so fucking loud. all my opinions about him. everything i hate about him. how he drinks too much. and how he has an anger problem and how he judges my friends way too fast. and talks shit about them. and how he judges what i wear. and makes fun of me for it. god i was so fucking pissed. i was cussing;screaming; i was about to lose it. so i went in my room layed on my bed and just cried. then i called my mom in to come lay with me. and i hugged her and said i was sorry. and shes started crying saying she was sorry. blah blah. then all of a sudden i felt like i was gunna puke. so i told her then shes like you can come sleep with me. and as i was crying.. i kept saying "no no im fine im fine ; i swear" until finally i just gave up and slept with her. oh i forgot to tell you about what happened with hector. well ; i went out by the couch and he wasnt there. i heard the door shut so i opened the door to say i was sorry that he had to listen to that. but he got in the car and drove away before i could say anything. i felt like shit. then i went to sleep with my moma dukes. i woke up with swollen eyes and crust around them. yumm ; eh` ? hahah . anyways . im getting my permit prolly tomorrow or thursday. cant wait. me and the rents have been ok so far this week. i work ALL weekend. my dad said i can bring a friend.. duh im bringing anysia lol. this is long. so im going to go .

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04-19-05 8:53am

:(. hey, beautiful. i hate to see you sad :( im sorry about everything with your papa. hope things get better. i miss your family & being around them.. i love you !!!

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Re:, 04-20-05 8:36am

hah . thanks soo much i love you . and i miss your family to and ebby and tash :( . hmph . i miss all you oh so much . we need to hang out . but everytime we try and make plans something happens :( which totally sucks . im much better today :) thank you .

later love

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