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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2005 at 10:38pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: You Stepped Out Of A Dream -- Nicholas Payton
Subject: I actually have a chance to update!!
So I havent updated in a long time and I apologize to those of you that were hurt by that... Though honestly if you were hurt by that... Then you kinda need to get a life... I mean if it really hurt you... Some people's perception of the word hurt is different... Just know if my perception of it applys to you while I didnt update for a while... Get a life...

Anyways... I came to update and let you know what is going on...

Three weeks late but here it is, Term 4 Schedule:
1. English 9P -- Dennaoui
2. Biology -- Connor
3. Band -- Souliere
4. French 1 -- Kirchofer
5. "
6. World Geography -- Muller

Hard term for me as I posted in my shorter entries when I didnt have time... The work keeps piling up but I got a lot done this weekend... Which remind me, I still ahve some French to do, but that wont take me long...

For Term 3, I got straight A's again... And even an A+ in Honors Algebra 2... I was real proud of that...

Uhm lets see... For band... The Band in the Parks trip is coming up... April 29th and 30th, I will be traveling to the great... Great America... I will be performing on Friday and then I will get to ride roller coasters on the next day... Thats going to be really fun...

For track... My end of the season goals are to run a 5:15 mile, and a 11:45 2 mile... Its possible... I just gotta pull myself together and push myself... Gotta get outa that comfort zone...

I have been injured for about a week though, which sucks cause we are on home stretch for the end of the season... I have been walking with a limp for a while now and I just cant seem to get rid of it... Hopefully I can clear it up soon, because I miss running a whole lot...

This weekend, I went and got a new iPod... For Free!!... I brought in my old iPod which was messing up a great deal, and they just gave me and identical one, except it was brand new!... Awesome... I got it just like my old one, and now its got all my music and stuff on it... I am actually listening to it right now... I am not on the song Cool Blues by Miles Davis...

Also saw The Interpreter this weekend... I thought it was kinda boring... Almost feel asleep a few times... Uhm... There are better movies out there to see...

Got me a crappy pair of sunglasses as a temporary and "knock-off" pair for when I forget my Oakleys... And/Or until I get them...

Thats pretty much it, I gotta go do French and then go to sleep... I got Star testing this week... I hate that crap... But you gotta do what you gotta do...

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04-25-05 9:31pm

Oh my god, I'm gonna go sit in depression because you didn't update.

Haha, just kidding.

Typical Jake. Straight A's.

Ipods are overrated. Love you, ya dumbass.

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04-26-05 12:12am

Glad to hear from you finally. Don't worry, I wasn't experiencing any acute anguish over your silence. I know people get busy.

My grandma and aunt wanted to get me an iPod or something as a graduation present but they decided against it because my sister has one. (Uh?) I'm not much into that stuff, really, so it's okay. I like carrying my CDs around. Good that you like yours, though.

I am envious of your mad school skillz. You're younger than me, though, aren't you?

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04-27-05 8:58pm

Dont worry...I dont think anybody even noticed. Just joking...I noticed.


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