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onlyyoucould (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2005 at 10:37am
Current mood: crazy
Music: how do you get that lonely?
Subject: blaine larson is HOTT!
anyways so yeah. alots been going on. Jade and Chris broke up so now shes beign a lil psycho bitch n saying that if I had the change to sleep with chris i would n blah blah. HELL NO I wouldn't. no offence to him but I wouldn't.. and = I'm not the sut she is.. shes the one that cheated numerous times with a great # of ppl. And the day after they broke up she slept with adam.. eww. Anyways I met this guys named Billy at willis's n we talked al day n then me n ash left n we made plans with the two guys for inda a double date the next day.. so we went over the next day n me n Billy talked all day n flirted n right when we were about to leave to go back to my house cuzh ash needed to call her mom from there.. we kissed. well we went back that night n drank n party'd n i got drunk n me n billy got "physical" and yeah did everythign and then he never called me and i really liked him but whatever. I'm on this website called now and its so fun im in this group n there r the coolest ppl there and yeah.. well proms next saturday n yeah should be fun fun fun. oh yeah i totaled my car.. and got a mustang.. and yeah my grammy tried to fix my prom dress but she kinda ruined it so a seemstress is doing it now..and yeah ill write more later.

- Ali - <3
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04-25-05 11:24am

haha a lot has happened since u last wrote in here eh? gosh im sorry about ur friend tho. thats really retarded like seriously we all knw ur not a slut. jus happy wif who u are ;D haha ! No maybe that sounds wrong? no idk. u know what i mean. and u know i think the world of you.

u better take lots of pix at prom so jilly can see since shes sooooooo far away . * mwuzz * loove u babi <3 !

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Re:, 04-25-05 11:39am

ahaha well. ill take millions

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Hey Gurl, 05-13-05 3:14pm

Yes...of course I remember you. (lol) My comp was down for a minute so I wasn't really updatin but now it's up and runnin and I update almost everyday. I'm glad to hear from you. No one really posts comments on my many people read it...but never bother to leave comments (nosey biitches) lmao. Thnx for commenting...

Much Love & Respect,

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05-15-06 8:45am

man its been forever since we all wrote in woohu ; we should start doing that again !

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