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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2005 at 9:27am
Current mood: head hurts/fine
Music: so far away- crossfade
Well, a few people know about the fight saturday night... ... well ... that night... i told him on the phone he was lazy right? .. well sunday i was up around 12:00 ... (i gone to bed at 3:00 am ) ... .. i ate and went to the store in the truck, dad said i could.. it's only like 5 blocks away.. well anyway.. remembre me saying there was this cute mexican boy named joseph (a different one) that lives down the street from me and has just the cutiest smile? well.... his dad works on cars and he was at the store.. well anyway he started to talk to me and i told him that i wanted a mustang gt 5.0.. and he wrote it down and said he would look around for me.. well when his dad left and i was left to get me some juice (for my dad and i) i heard someone run into the chips around the corner and i tiptoed and looked over the isle and found out that joseph was walking to the counter.. in other words he was easedropping on his dad and i talking lmao he is so cute.. but yeah. (the juice was exp: Jan, 2003, so i took it bad and had no trouble)
But anyway.... I was putting on my makeup Sunday.. around... 2:something (i work at 4 at the pizza place) and... javier and christian came in (i had the door cracked with music playing in my room so i could hear it) .. well... javier and christain came and got my brother to play basket ball and left.. javier didn't even say hi, bye or ask how i was.... ... so... fuck it.. i'm tired of this bullshit.. he is fucked up.. he has something wrong with him and you can't change someone who doesn't want to.... he never tries.. he's lazy.

Holding on is harder than it seems,
when you're reaching for so much more
Seems so much easier to just give in
when you're reaching for so much more

.... The Deep End- Crossfade....

.... .. i don't know .. i'm at school so.... time to go to neopets....

... i don't want to be alone... but oh well.
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05-02-05 1:55pm

You're not alone, just by yourself.

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Re:, 05-03-05 12:14am

Thank you Hiei... thank you.....

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