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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2005 at 8:42pm
Current mood: happy
so things for prom are working out just like everyone said they would :) i'm going with tyler bauer and i couldn't be happier. we're on our way to having all our plans made and that makes me really happy. anyways....i just wanted to thank anyone who helped me when i was know who you are and i love you all! :) can't wait to see you at PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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04-26-05 8:54pm


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04-26-05 10:31pm

take pictures and stuff so i can see how beautiful you are in your dress. an i need a picture before you leave

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04-27-05 8:00am

now only if we could go together :(

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04-27-05 10:12pm

THAT'S ME.. isn't i? Well at least I hope so or I just made myself look like a moron. haha.

I'm so happy it all worked out.. now only if I was going too.. but that's alright I still have 3 more years.

Well I love you and you know it! I'm so happy for you

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04-28-05 10:22am

yeah have fun... i just wanted to let you know, that you were once a person i looked up to. i wanted to be a drum major just like you, but as of late and your laziness i dont. you have shown me the horrible side of you and i dont like it. you have responsibilities and you ahve seemed to ignore them like they dont care. for some of us band is all we have and you treat it like its nothing!

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Re:, 05-01-05 5:57pm

just to let you know, for the past 4 years, i have busted my ass to get to where i am now. i have been the only one to be in honors bands and to get scholarships to music camps. i took private lessons for 3 years and dedicated my entire life to music. however, i'm burned out. i really am, and i have other priorities, such as my job, college and my friends whom i will leave in 4 months. when you're a senior, you'll realize that there are other things too. i'm sorry i let you down, and hopefully you'll be a better example than i was.

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